Thursday, August 11, 2011

I Won woohoo !

I was so excited to receive the email from Vicki Welsh from 3creative studios, they were having a give away for a gift certificate for the quilt show and Vicki generously also offered a  certificate for the quilt show from her own blog which I won you can find Vicki's blog HERE .   I am excited to view some of the shows and lessons !  doing the happy dance !
If you have not visited 3 creative studios do so now it's a wonderful site with tons of free projects and lots of opportunities to play along with different projects and ideas !

Still learning my new machine! going for my second lesson tomorrow i am loving it ! Just treated myself to a few feet for it hopefully i will get to use them very soon.

Have a great weekend ! x

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My calligraphy class pic's

Well i have finally got around to sharing some of my work from my beginner calligraphy class ! The teacher Susan Nelson was such a sweetheart and had loads of patience.  It was harder than i thought it would be but i see you really need to practice to perfect the strokes.  I had fun though and thats all that matters right ??  Hoping to apply some of my new writing skills to my journalling and who knows what else !
 Here are some of the little projects i made and some of my practice sheets.
The splattered piece in the background was fun to make we used acrylic paints splodged on and then combed around so thick grooves remained, when dry we heat foiled over the top so the foil adhered to all the raised bits, so cool !  We then started to cut up our sheet to make cards or bookmarks etc.

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