Tuesday, August 31, 2010

congrats to my daughter !!

Hi everyone, a little bit of exciting news to share ! my daughter got her drivers license, she is so excited !!! she has been taking out my car but i am so nervous as i think it's too big for her yet and it is only a year old .  So we bought her a car yesterday a little black ford focus hatchback she gets it tomorrow.   I can't believe my babygirl is sixteen and driving and she even got herself a part time job i am just so proud of her !!  The excitement and job has really helped to take her mind off the family going back, although she has spoken to them almost every day lol !!!

I am finally getting back into a routine although it is so hot here at the moment that i still dont feel like crafting yet !  i am enjoying beeing outside in the pool too much !   It is in the 30's today and with humidity feels like its in the 40's .  It is supposed to break for the weekend and cool right down !!  I am hoping my momentum comes back soon and my creative juices start to flow because at the moment it's lost in space somewhere !!
I am thinking that once Sophie goes back to school next week then maybe i will get in my sewing room and try and create.
Hope your all being creative and thanks for taking the time to reply and for caring love my blogging friends !!! x here is a pic of my gorgeous daughter !!

Friday, August 20, 2010

I am so sad !

My family went back to England today ! we all had such a wonderful time together and our trip to Chicago was fantastic !  We had great weather great food and lots of great memories were made.  The three weeks went by so quickly i am so going to miss them. My daughter cant stop crying she really misses her grandparents and cousins and she had such a blast with her aunty.  I always feel so sad for a couple of weeks after they have gone takes me a bit to get over the visit.
I hope to get my house back straight and cleaned  then i can get back to my crafting and catching up with everyones blogs .

thanks for stopping by !!!!!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

postcard and atc !!

Hi just a quick post ! keeping busy with my family having fun ! here is the atc i sent for the stitchin fingers wings swap and the postcard for the postcard swap and the theme was fireworks !

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