Friday, August 20, 2010

I am so sad !

My family went back to England today ! we all had such a wonderful time together and our trip to Chicago was fantastic !  We had great weather great food and lots of great memories were made.  The three weeks went by so quickly i am so going to miss them. My daughter cant stop crying she really misses her grandparents and cousins and she had such a blast with her aunty.  I always feel so sad for a couple of weeks after they have gone takes me a bit to get over the visit.
I hope to get my house back straight and cleaned  then i can get back to my crafting and catching up with everyones blogs .

thanks for stopping by !!!!!!


  1. Oh, Michelle. It must be hard to say gooodbye to your family. Hope your daughter cheers up soon.
    With modern technology there is always Skype and such like to help bridge the gap.Nothing like having the real family with you though.
    Hope you can get back to "making", and help you cheer up.

  2. Oh Michelle i feel for you and im sure it will take awhile before you feel any better....hope your daughter will pick up soon have my email if you need a chat xx

  3. you will just have to plan to come over to see them really soon.. any plans :)

  4. Even when you get old and your family is gone, you still miss those happy times you spent together. You are young enough to have many good times ahead.

  5. Hi Michelle, do hope you will not feel so sad soon. It must be so hard to have your family across the seas. Do take care, and try to ease back into your hobby soon. I feel for your daughter, and hope this soon passes. What a lovely time you all had though, thrilled to hear that.

  6. It is always hard when family leaves. Are you in Canada permanently. My daughter and family were away for a few years in Houston then Cambridge and I always hated her going back. Even now when she comes I want to steal her and keep her here.
    Her daughter is 16 and learning to drive at the moment...scary stuff to go through.


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