Monday, January 31, 2011

lollipop lane folio !

Hi, i have finally finished my decembers online class workshop ! i know it's almost february but life just got in the way ! I loved this workshop i mentioned it in an earlier post that i was doing the workshop with Shelagh Folgate its a fabulous workshop and i have learned so many techniques. It's not to late to join !
well this was our first one making a folio called lollipop lane and i used transfer painting, making my own stamps and printing, free motion stitching, wool top lollipops soluble paper lollipops and making machine lace, her instructions are so easy to follow and very detailed with pictures and there is a yahoo group where we post pics ask questions etc and its such a fun group of people very inspiring !
 I am going to post this on three creative studios Shelagh happens to be the guest of the month and the one who is demonstrating the transfer painting techniques so hop on over and learn a cool technique !

Thursday, January 20, 2011

back from Jamaica ! few pics to share

I had such a fanatastic time it was just amazing !!!  The people were so much fun and so laid back i enjoyed their company so much and they all said the same  NO PROBLEMS only SITUATIONS what a great way to look at lifes dealings !!
The wedding was truly beautiful my friends daughter looked like a princess. It was just so hot our hair just flopped lol !! it was hard trying to keep cool with the wedding being outside. They said it was the largest party they had ever had go 120 of us !!!

beautiful beach !
 hotel !!
 Jessie and Markus

 Me on my balcony
 Me, hubby, Sophie and her friend Brittany
 Sophie in the crystal clear ocean

The hotel was huge 860 rooms and it was full it was like a small village !! it was so clean and the food fabulous especialy the jerk chicken !!  Beach was my favourite place the ocean was so clear i found a fossil wall it was so cool !! so sad to be back in this cold weather ! been trying to catch up with my online class will have pics to post soon !


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Jamaica here i come !!

I am leaving for Jamaica on friday for a week and i just can't wait ! i am so excited that i can't get anything done lol !! We are going with a large group actually about 120 of us ! its my best friends daughters wedding it's going to be a blast !! I am almost packed and just have a few more bits and pieces to iron.
We are staying in ochos rios have any of you ever stayed there before !!
will let you know how it all went when i get back !

happy creating !!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Look at this giveaway !!!

Just look at this fantastic giveaway at 3 creative studios ! they are having a new blog and website launch giveaway to celebrate their new look !! I have participated with a few of their challenges and it has always been great fun ! check it out for yourself and play along ! you can find the details HERE !
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