Thursday, August 15, 2013

Day 15 but day 3 for me with blog along with Effy more art journal pages

Hey another day blogging my 3rd day in a row wow ! so had a good day today did my 5 mile power walk along the trails and it was so pretty.  I am so lucky living right besides the trails and Belwood lake i see so many different birds and then there are the rabbits and chipmunks and the odd deer  a few grass snakes and other little critters.  It is so pretty and anti stressing i love it !

I also Went out for lunch and shopping with my best friend all in all a very relaxing day !

Here are some more of my BOD pages


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Finding a solution Hemocode test done and BOD pages!

I decided to blog along with Effy on her 30 days of blogging yes i'm late but better late than never i say !

So today i bit the bullet and went for a Hemocode test well that was an event in itself !  I guess i have thick blood as i got every finger pricked two or three times and could only produce a morsel of blood. It just kept stopping.  I am so desperate to find out what is causing my stomach upsets headaches and bloatedness.  I am still waiting to see a GI specialist and a dietician but it seems to be taking forever.

So the Hemocode tests you for 250 items to see if you react to any of them i hope and pray it is a solution to how i'm feeling so i can get feeling well again.

Some days i feel so tired after eating i just can't be bothered doing anything but i try and force myself to do at least some art journalling.  I find this so therapeutic and satisfying.

I am in the midsts of life book Book of days with Effy Wild and 21 secrets so i have plenty to do.  I love my lifebook and i love BOD with Effy the facebook groups are so friendly and inspiring.  Learning tons.  Here or a couple more of my BOD pages.


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Paper Traders art journal page

Here is this months Paper Traders art journal spread ! This months challenge was to use only 3 colours and the theme was Be Thankful.  There is a link on my side bar where you to can join in and maybe join one of the other challenges they have !

Friday, July 26, 2013

Effy Wild Book of days sale

I am doing this online class with Effy Wild and i have to say i am loving it ! Such an awesome inspiring group of ladies all having fun and inspiring each other along the way on the group facebook page. Anyhow Effy is having a sale and i just know you will love it !

By the end of today, Effy is releasing an awesome video tutorial in Book Of Days that is about an hour and a half long (much of it time lapsed) in the art of paint over collage with acrylics.

Sign up today and you'll have a lovely weekend of catching up to look forward to!

Did I mention she's having a sale?

Saturday, July 13, 2013

More art journal pages to share

I am still trying to keep up with my online classes and challenges, life and situations always seem to get in the way but i am grateful for  being able to find a little time to still create.

My paper traders july challenge To do the right thing

Here are my life book pages

I also signed up for Effy Wilds Book of days and i am loving it so far although behind lol i made my first journal a free class that came with BOD so cool and i did my first spread my intentions

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Give away with Effy BOD premium

Hi everyone Effy Wild has an awesome giveaway she is kindly giving away 3 seats on her new Book of days class which starts on the 1st July....  Just click on this link and go grab yourself a chance to win !   if you don't win there is a discount so hurry on over !

Sunday, June 9, 2013

More art journal pages

Hey !

i have been very busy the past month or two renovating a house so not a lot of time to play and create ! I am a little behind with my life book but got a few lessons completed and i finally started my 21 secrets classes YAY !  I chose to do Cathy Bluteau's class first which was awesome !
I have also completed this months Paper Traders challenge which was theme Give More and graffitti writing i found this a tough one !

Cathy Bluteaus class

Paper Traders challenge

Life book

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Paper Traders April journal page

This month over at paper traders the theme was Choose Love and the challenge was to use napkins or tissue paper in your page. I chose some floral napkins.. I also used modelling paste with a stencil, this page makes me happy.. You can join in these challenges anytime you like click on the link at the side of my blog to play along !

Friday, May 3, 2013

Life Book 2013 Journal pages

Hi, i am trying to catch up after being away in Cuba and doing some renovation work..
I have completed 3 more weeks of my life book lessons and they were all so much fun really loving being part it.  I signed up for 21 secrets but i have not done any yet soon though !

week 14 quirky birds with Tamara laporte front

week 16 bottoms up with Aimee Dolich

week 16 leaded glass with Joann Loftus

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Paper traders March art journal page and another art journal page

I finished my Paper Traders March art journal page, the prompt this month was Live in the moment and we had to use an element of time you can join in this challenge anytime. there is a link at the side of my blog.

here is my page

My second page was me just having a play

Monday, March 25, 2013

This weeks Art journal pages

I have been busy doing a little art journaling ! I finished week 12 of my life book with Mindy Lacefield i struggled a little with this lesson but i am pleased with the outcome

I also joined a group called Art Geeks there is a link on my side bar ! i joined one of the challenges hosted by Kim Beinschroth and i really enjoyed playing along this is my page

I love Teesha Moore and so i tried to create a page using her techniques i love it !

And my last page is one i started quite  a while ago it was one of those pages that just didn't go anywhere so eventually i have been adding colour here and there and then the white pen came out ! love the white pen !

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Life Book week 11 The good The bad and The ugly art journal page and Fabulous faces lesson 1

Here is my Week 11 with Mitsi  B  her lesson was a pop up double book spread about how the good the bad and the ugly we all feel. I am not one really for pop ups so i took the prompt and made it my own

I also started my online class fabulous faces with Tamara Laporte and i did two faces for lesson 1 great instruction and i see and know i need to practice !

Friday, March 8, 2013

Life book Journal pages weeks 8, 9, 10

Hi, everyone,

i'm back with 3 more weeks of my life book art journal pages, i am having so much fun on this course !

week 8 unstumpification with Jane Davenport

week 9 paint over with Danita

week 10 celebrating heart connections with Tamara Laporte

Thanks for stopping by !

Friday, February 22, 2013

Paper Traders 2 follow your heart art journal page

Here is my art journal page for paper traders monthly challenge ! This challenge's prompt was Follow your heart and you had to use a heart on your page well i went with several !  so many layers of colour on these pages with paint inks gellatos,  copic markers which i used with my airbrush, my home made washi tape etc etc.  click on the picture for a close up ! thanks for looking.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Life book 2013 week 5 and 6 art journal pages

Hello my bogging friends !

I had a busy week but i did catch up with my life book so here i am sharing two art journal pages... the first was taught by Kelly Hoernig it was based on a game board layout for my years journey.  My word for this year is TRY so i made this my game layout .  I sometimes feel i don't try enough and give up easy or convince myself i just can't do it !  so i really want to try lots of new things this year and finish and learn projects and techniques.  I have made myself the caterpillar but i do have my little skates on just the push i need .. and at the end of the year i am hoping to have evolved into a beautiful creative butterfly.

My next page was taught by Tamara Laporte and it was about courage !  I chose an old oak tree as my image for strength and courage.  i love this tree to me this tree represents courage and endurance as well as strength and balance.  I need to find balance in my life and the courage to find the strength i need to take me on my creative journey.  I enjoyed this lesson.. click on the images for a closer view and i would love to hear from you ...

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Gelli prints washi tape and week 4 life book

I have had a great couple of days creating, I had my friend over to play on tuesday and we got out our Gelli plates which we have never used !  so i am sharing a few of my prints with you... It was very trial and error with some real disasters which we managed to salvage by the end of the day ! we had so much fun.....

Today i had a try at making home made washi tape i used napkins and tissue paper which i stamped ! i found some double sided tape at the dollar store in three different widths so i thought i would just give it a go seems to have worked !

I also played around with my week 4 life book art journal page scales of light taught by Dion Dior what an interesting class !!    although my hands are not perfect i loved the look i achieved the chinese symbol means light i apologize if it's not very accurate !

Monday, February 4, 2013

Life Book weeks 2 and 3 art journal pages

Happy monday friends !
I am trying to catch up with my life book and i did two more art journal pages this week it's not to late to join and it is so much fun,
week 2 was taught by Monica Zuniga creating a page about our true intensions and the 3rd week was taught by Christy Tomlinson new blooms this was also fun with some cool techniques.... click on any of the images for a better view.

week 1

week 3

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

life book 2013 and art journal pages paper traders challenge

I have been keeping myself busy with some art journalling i have joined the paper traders blog challenge you can find the details here.  The first word prompt was Live simply ! here is what i came up with

I have also signed up for Life Book 2013 over on willowing Arts and i am loving it ! I am behind but i will catch up... I just completed week 1 and today i will have week 2 complete.  Week 1 my fairy art mother and my blessings journey.

I also completed two more journal pages so i thought i would share these also..

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