Thursday, August 15, 2013

Day 15 but day 3 for me with blog along with Effy more art journal pages

Hey another day blogging my 3rd day in a row wow ! so had a good day today did my 5 mile power walk along the trails and it was so pretty.  I am so lucky living right besides the trails and Belwood lake i see so many different birds and then there are the rabbits and chipmunks and the odd deer  a few grass snakes and other little critters.  It is so pretty and anti stressing i love it !

I also Went out for lunch and shopping with my best friend all in all a very relaxing day !

Here are some more of my BOD pages



  1. Good luck with the tests Michelle, I love your art journals.

  2. I hope in your skills, the things will be awesome with wooden stretcher bars


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