Thursday, June 24, 2010

solar planet ! my little beaded art quilt

Well i am happy to share my little beaded project,  I wasn't quite sure how to finish it and i was deciding between quilting or framing. After auditioning tons of fabrics i decided on framing and i am so glad i did because i really like this piece. I may change the frame though yet lol !  I have also been busy making postcards which i will share with you soon ! I have already mailed two and i have a third almost ready to go so keep checking back to see them ! The little beaded quilt is 8" square.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My first cloth dolls

I have just finished my two little dolls which i started in a class last week, they are only small and i found them very fiddly to turn but i did have fun !  I have named one little miss sunshine and the other one little wild woman. i had a little problem with the crotch area on little miss sunshine but it made her leg kick back like a dancer so i was pleased with my mistake lol !!  i hope you like them !!

my wild woman !

and my little miss sunshine !!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Wonderful mail !!

Hi everyone,
look what i got in the mail the past week or so,  a gorgeous postcard and two atc cards from three very talented ladies that i have met through stitchin fingers site. 

The first one is a beautiful postcard from Linda and the picture does not do it justice this lady is super creative ! thankyou Linda ! to see Linda's other wonderful creations visit her blog  at

My next one to share  is a beautiful ATC card from another very creative Linda and i just love it ! again the picture does not show the true beauty of this little piece of art. Thankyou Linda !! To see  Linda's wonderful creations visit her blog at

The last one to share is gorgeous and vibrant ATC which i received from the Jen  she is so creative and produces some very creative pieces of art!!  i love my atc Jen thankyou !! To see more of Jen's wonderful creations visit her blog at

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