Thursday, August 15, 2013

Day 15 but day 3 for me with blog along with Effy more art journal pages

Hey another day blogging my 3rd day in a row wow ! so had a good day today did my 5 mile power walk along the trails and it was so pretty.  I am so lucky living right besides the trails and Belwood lake i see so many different birds and then there are the rabbits and chipmunks and the odd deer  a few grass snakes and other little critters.  It is so pretty and anti stressing i love it !

I also Went out for lunch and shopping with my best friend all in all a very relaxing day !

Here are some more of my BOD pages


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Finding a solution Hemocode test done and BOD pages!

I decided to blog along with Effy on her 30 days of blogging yes i'm late but better late than never i say !

So today i bit the bullet and went for a Hemocode test well that was an event in itself !  I guess i have thick blood as i got every finger pricked two or three times and could only produce a morsel of blood. It just kept stopping.  I am so desperate to find out what is causing my stomach upsets headaches and bloatedness.  I am still waiting to see a GI specialist and a dietician but it seems to be taking forever.

So the Hemocode tests you for 250 items to see if you react to any of them i hope and pray it is a solution to how i'm feeling so i can get feeling well again.

Some days i feel so tired after eating i just can't be bothered doing anything but i try and force myself to do at least some art journalling.  I find this so therapeutic and satisfying.

I am in the midsts of life book Book of days with Effy Wild and 21 secrets so i have plenty to do.  I love my lifebook and i love BOD with Effy the facebook groups are so friendly and inspiring.  Learning tons.  Here or a couple more of my BOD pages.


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Paper Traders art journal page

Here is this months Paper Traders art journal spread ! This months challenge was to use only 3 colours and the theme was Be Thankful.  There is a link on my side bar where you to can join in and maybe join one of the other challenges they have !

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