Sunday, February 2, 2014

6 Months Break and back

Its been 6 months since i last blogged how the time flies so crazy !   Had a crappy 6 months which i wont go in to would take to long and it's depressing.
On a brighter note i managed to complete every 2013 life book page.  I am still behind with my BOD from last year but i re signed up with Effy Wild and i'm enjoying it and i re signed up for life book 2014, so far so good !
I am also trying to keep up with The Documented Life Project so cool !

Here are a couple of pages from this years BOD enjoy !

My word for the year is DETERMINATION i am determined to art more and look after myself more.


  1. Hi Michelle, it's good to see you back blogging.Like these journal pages.Have you been ok.?

  2. If you want to live as long as I have, you better take your own advise. Beautiful pages, welcome back.

  3. Your pages are very nice, and your faces are excellent, Dyan. I have just started art journalling, so I will follow you along.


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