Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Gelli prints washi tape and week 4 life book

I have had a great couple of days creating, I had my friend over to play on tuesday and we got out our Gelli plates which we have never used !  so i am sharing a few of my prints with you... It was very trial and error with some real disasters which we managed to salvage by the end of the day ! we had so much fun.....

Today i had a try at making home made washi tape i used napkins and tissue paper which i stamped ! i found some double sided tape at the dollar store in three different widths so i thought i would just give it a go seems to have worked !

I also played around with my week 4 life book art journal page scales of light taught by Dion Dior what an interesting class !!    although my hands are not perfect i loved the look i achieved the chinese symbol means light i apologize if it's not very accurate !


  1. I made some geli prints on fabric, but have not found any real use for them, as yet. However, it does give some interesting results. Yours have a lot of variety.

  2. We've been doing some similar things this week - messing with geli prints and making washi tapes. I also had some disasters with the geli prints which turned out well in the end. Good idea for doing different widths of tape.

  3. The gelli prints look really interesting, Michelle, and I love your washi tapes. Only thing is, if you can make the washi tapes, you won't need to buy any, and that is such fun!
    Jane x

  4. Not many Canadian blogs I have come acrossed...I am very happy to have found you thanks to Cassandra's listings...Enjoyed my visit and love your energy and vision..♥Debi


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