Monday, January 31, 2011

lollipop lane folio !

Hi, i have finally finished my decembers online class workshop ! i know it's almost february but life just got in the way ! I loved this workshop i mentioned it in an earlier post that i was doing the workshop with Shelagh Folgate its a fabulous workshop and i have learned so many techniques. It's not to late to join !
well this was our first one making a folio called lollipop lane and i used transfer painting, making my own stamps and printing, free motion stitching, wool top lollipops soluble paper lollipops and making machine lace, her instructions are so easy to follow and very detailed with pictures and there is a yahoo group where we post pics ask questions etc and its such a fun group of people very inspiring !
 I am going to post this on three creative studios Shelagh happens to be the guest of the month and the one who is demonstrating the transfer painting techniques so hop on over and learn a cool technique !


  1. Wow Michelle this look wonderful so love your design.....xx

  2. Love these new images. Great color and they just look like so much fun.

  3. How cool Michelle. I've downloaded the transfer paint PDF, just haven't had a moment to read and digest it all. Love to have a play. Must do so, stop procrastinating. You've made a really fun cover, I love it.

  4. I liked what you did with your lollipops and it works brill as a journal cover. I noticed on the group that youd reduced the design down and think it works much nicer that way.
    Im still finishing my blessed roses off the previous challenge lol the leaves of which I chose to do by hand....big mistake, its taking forever but then Im doing all sorts in bewteen too, so thats doesnt help lol
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and Id love to tag along with yours too.
    Good luck with the giveaway :) Lyn


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