Monday, September 12, 2011

A quick update ! gifts and altered book

I know i have been a a bad blogger of late, but i have been so busy with life in general.  It was my birthday last thursday and i had a fabulous day and i got lots of pressies !! books money earings a coat and giftcards i felt so spoilt !  some of my gifts !

I did a little on my altered book not sure if i am enjoying this class or if my mojo has taken a running jump somewhere else.  I have started a couple of the pages but not feeling inspired by it.

works in progress........


  1. Michelle, belated birthday wishes to you, and thanks for sharing the lovely gifts you received. It's so nice when people 'get' what you are into, and buy gifts accordingly. I hope your altered book project will fall into place. Perhaps you need to do something else in between????? Take care.

  2. Happy Birthday. Turning another year older will bring you more adventures into the world of old age. But you have a long way to go yet. Enjoy yourself.


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