Friday, December 23, 2011

merry christmas everyone !

Well look how time flies ! i had a great time in Jamaica and since i got back it's been such a busy time.  I did finish one piece and i started a couple of new pieces, i know i said i was going to finish up the others first. but just couldn't find the inspiration for those yet !

I hope you all have a wonderful christmas and i wish you peace and joy and much health for the new year happy crafting my friends
much love
michelle xx

my finished little gem stitched piece....

A new one started........

A small felted piece i still have to add some stitching and embellishments !!


  1. This was quite inspirational. I am trying to learn more embroidery stitches and how to use them. Lovely.

  2. These stitcheries look lovely Michelle. Happy Christmas to you and your family.Hoping we can chat a bit more next year!

  3. Love your little abstract stitcheries Michelle. I hope your Christmas is happy, not too cold, and filled with the sound of laughter. I would also hope you have the company of your family at this wonderful time. Take care, and thanks for your friendship during the year. Cheers.

  4. Merry Christmas from New Zealand. Love your stitching!. Nice space in your work room too!

    A couple of years ago you (I think) left a comment here ..... saying you had instructions for the Martha Stewart Clothesline with hammock. Do you still have them? I have a photo but can't read the text.
    Hope you had a lovely holiday.

  5. These are wonderful Michelle....hope your well x

  6. I love that felted snow landscape as it is ... lovely!


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