Sunday, September 16, 2012

Hello Friends !

I know it's been such a long time but i have had one of the busiest summers ever ! lots of visitors a week long encaustic course ( pics coming soon ) and my daughter moving into residence at university very emotional for me !  I miss her so much :(   .   Anyhow i wanted to share a few things i got done earlier in the year, remember my crazy quilt i started well it's finished yay !!! i also finished up a small quilt and i did do a few lessons from my Joanne Sharpe class but i'll just post a few.  I have been journalling i won't bore you with all my pages but here or a couple hope you take the time to look and i would love to hear from you all can't wait to do some catch up ! x


  1. All so lovely of course, Michelle. It is so good to see you back. I have missed you, but did realize life has a way of keeping people busy. Hope your daughter has a wonderful time at Uni. I am sure it will be a special time in her life. Take care.

  2. Dear Michelle.I lost my blog early June this year, and still finding blogs I used to follow to put on my list.So lovely to hear from you again!
    Don't you just Love the Letter Love Course.I had a knee replace't in mid June, and that's put me back a bit.I got over it quite quickly which is good, but the body still takes time to get back to normal.Thanks for your lovely comments Michelle.Please come back and follow. I lost 240 followers!!
    Judy xx

  3. I have been exploring crazy quilting also. I found that hand stitching is extremely time consuming. Yours is very lovely. I really do like your journal pages.

  4. Thanks ladies always so wonderful to hear from you :) x

  5. Love your journalling pages Michelle.


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