Wednesday, September 8, 2010

it was my birthday today !

Yes another year older phew the time flies !!  so i realised today was 8/9/10 so how often does that happen ! But i did have a great day and my hubby bought me the most gorgeous diamond ring i  will take a pic tomorrow had too many wines tonight so i think the pic will be blurry ! bet i wake up in the morning and regret writing this post because i tell you the key board looks a little blurry lol ! so please forgive the spelling etc !   I cant believe i am 46 yep 46 flipping eck i still feel like im in my 20s but i definately don't look like i'm in my 2o's   ok talk soon love my blogging friend s

hugs to all xxx


  1. Michelle, you are a mere child. Now put away the wine and show us the ring.

  2. Happy happy birthday darlin' !! As Judy says- a Mere Baby!!!Yes want to get an eyeball of that gorgeous ring.Where did you find a MAN who gives jewellery!!!! Treat him WELL!!he,he!!!
    The other Judy X

  3. Happiest of days to you Michelle! I do hope yo are feeling the worse for wear today 'coz that means last night was pretty good!!! (Seriously hope it's not that bad!!xx)

  4. Happy birthday Michelle, but always remember the two words "age" and "old" are dirty three letter words.:)

  5. Hi Michelle, very belated good wishes, but none the less sincere. Where did you get a man who buys you jewellery???? I can't wait to see it. So sorry I've been AWOL for a few days, it's Springtime here and much to do outside. Hope you see many more birthdays, remember they are a blessing [all the while you are having them, you are still around......LOL].

  6. Hi Michelle,thanks for the comments on my blog.You can still be in the group if you would like.One more isn't going to be too many.I would love you to e-mail me photos of your Zentangles!!Aren't they fantastic to do!?i will put your name on the list of participants.
    Would you like to swap Fabric postcards with me still? Have you thought about doing a Zentangle Postcard swap? Could you e-mail me?
    Judy X


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