Tuesday, September 28, 2010

sad news and a quick update !!

I know it's been a little while since my last post but a lot has been going on with my friends and i have been helping them.  My best friends husband recently found out he has cancer and he actually goes in for surgery tomorrow but thats not all his brother comitted suicide just over a week ago and it blew the family away !  It is so tragic and i can see the pain he is dealing with. My friend is such a trooper whilst trying to mourn her brotherin law she is trying to keep her huband focused and not let this tragedy hinder his well being for his surgery. Her sisiter in law is now on suicide watch as she feels she can't live without her husband so my friend has also been taking turns to stay with her. I have been trying to keep my friend focused and help with the family etc. I am praying that her husbands surgery goes well please pray along side me !!

My very close friend back in England called me last week to tell me she had lung cancer and breast cancer wow i was blown away so much tragedy around me at the moment i feel sadned to the pit of my stomach for them all. I have been checking in on her and she has started her chemo she is such a strong person and she is so positive i admire her strength ! I pray for her well being also !  On a brighter note my dads cancer is shrinking the harmone treatment seems to be working so that is refreshing to hear.

I have started my textile class again though i am struggling to focus i have also joined the embroidery guild so i am being taught some mixed media stitchery by Donna Funnel. The guild i joined is a teaching guild so hopefully i will gain some embroidery experience.  I am also doing a zentangle postcard swap with Judy honestly Judy it is almost complete ! I am learning to draw better with the help of Judy she has set up a blog and she is such an inspiring person i would love to meet her one day as i would all my blogging friends ! here is a link to Judy's drawing blog    http://judymccarthysdrawings.blogspot.com/ .  well thats all for now thanks for stopping by and  stay healthy and happy !!  here is my first drawing of a face don't laugh ha ha she looks a little scary !!


  1. Dear Michelle what a sad time you are going through helping your friends, and how sad for them....i have a candle lite and shall think of them and just pray things get some what better :-( xx

  2. Just lost my oldest friend to cancer. Know the feeling. I am also studying the Zentangles with Judy. I am now doing a face, although I have had drawing in the past. I guess we are on the same track.

  3. Michelle, my thoughts are with you at this time. It most certainly has been a lot for you to take in. I hope your friends and family will pull through all of these worrying times. God bless.

    Best wishes on your newest artistic adventure. I like your 'face drawing'. I wish I could do something as good. Happy stitching.

  4. Michelle, I haven't stopped by to read your blog for a while. I am so sorry to heaar of the sadness surrounding you at present. Keep strong and try to stay in the light. I am sure your friends really appreciate your love and support.

    The drawing looks interesting - so many things to try. Good luck with the guild too.

  5. Dear Michelle,
    What a hard time you are having at the moment. It must be very difficult supporting family and your friend through cancer. Life can be pretty damned tough at times.It seems to all come at once. So sorry to hear this.
    Your drawing as your First Face shows so much promise. Later I will e-mail you with some tips, but for now forget all about drawing.
    Maybe thew Doodles might calm you(if you like doing them that is).
    your friend across the seas.
    Judy XX

  6. I'm sorry to hear you are going through such a rough time with friends and family. Make sure that you take a little quiet time for you to recharge while helping every one else during the turmoil. Sending you good thoughts and warm hugs!


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