Sunday, October 10, 2010

Happy thanksgiving 10-10-10

Happy thanksgiving ! it has been a glorious weekend weather wise been able to get some more gardening done, beeing more careful this week as last week i fell off the ladder cutting my twisty tree i wasn't hurt just a little bruised it was rather funny :)  A quick update on my friend hubby he has had his surgery and everything went great just have to wait till thursday to see if they got all the cancer ! My friend in England is also doing as well as can be she is in great spirits even though she is now having her chemo ! i want to thankyou all for your kind words and thoughtfulness you are all such wonderful people and i am glad to have made friends with you all !

ok enough sad topics i am really enjoying my guild class we are doing mixed media stitch and Donna Funnel is teaching it. The class is inspired by Susan Sorrell from FAMM as Donna has taken many of Susans classes which Donna highly recommends . We are kind of doing a taster and starting new small projects each week so we have something to work on at home here is a little look at what i have done so far fom my week 1 I have not done much embroidery since i was in school  so this has been a little challenging but still enjoyable ! well hope you all have a wonderful week and enjoy today 10-10 -10 !!!!


  1. Gee, I bet your class was enjoyable.Glad to see you are able to do a little creative work amidst the emotional turmoil of the past few weeks.
    Thanks for the kind comments Michelle. Glad you enjoyed catching up with the Blog! I look forward to my card.
    Judy X

  2. Michelle - let's meet next week. I keep meaning to call. What day might be good for you? Friday is the best for me.... or maybe the following Tuesday or Friday... Lucy

  3. Michelle your work looks great and so glad your enjoying the course.

    Nigels cousin got married yesterday because of the to go on my blog x


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