Thursday, October 28, 2010

Zentangle postcard for Judy !

I can now share the zentangle postcard i made for Judy, i have been trying my hand at drawing a little as you know with the help of Judy but lately i have found myself caught up in lifes happenings so my drawing has been a little at a standstill !  I decided to do a Canada theme for my postcard and i did enjoy creating it ! glad Judy likes it !!


  1. Judy does more than like it- she LOVES it. I have it up on my little shelf above my work table.I will put a photo of it sitting there on my Drawing Blog!

    Good on you Michelle- can't wait to see more.I will start on yours tonight!!Promise!!

  2. P.S. I have used your little Christmas tree widget if you don't mind. After this one, I will send you a Christmas Zentangle themed Postcard. Fun!!!

  3. I am doing these also. I like the Canada theme with the little maple leaf. These make great looking cards, don't they?

  4. Michelle, this is fantastic. I've been admiring Zentangles now for some time, but not attempted anything tangible, just scribbling on paper at the moment. This is a fantastic idea, thanks for sharing it with your friends.


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