Thursday, November 25, 2010

Look what i got !!

I know it's been a while but i don't know about you but i have had a hard time with blogger trying to post !! Anyhow i so have to share this wonderful encaustic piece of art that my friend Lucy gave me a good couple of weeks ago !  I love it and will cherish it ! The colours are wondrful !!

Next just look at my wonderful zentangle postcard i received from Judy and she also was kind enough to send me a christmas ornament and two magnets so sweet !!  Thankyou girls !!!!

I have been crafting but i have quite a few un finished projects and i realy want to try and finish them before i post so keep watch as i have a few things on the go ( story of my life hee hee ) .


  1. Michelle, what lovely pieces you've got to share today. I do love Lucy's work, really nice. And, what a cool card, etc., from Judy, well done to you. Hope the weather is not too nasty for you at the moment. We are starting to think it might be summer here after all...... Take care, happy stitching.

  2. Michelle thank you for posting a picture of my piece here. I totally enjoyed our lunch. Thanks.


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