Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Fabric dyeing and an Online textile workshop !

Last saturday i took a fabulous class with Elaine Quail on fabric dyeing ! what a lot of fun and i just loved my results ! we dyed a 12 step colour wheel and then 4 fat quarters of mixed colours. Elaine was a wonderful teacher and a lovely lady i would definately take more classes with Elaine ! you can check out Elaine here

here are my fabrics  the colours do not photograph to well !!

I have signed up to do Shelagh Folgate's online textile workshop ! It is a series of 8 workshops and the first one starts tomorrow but we got our first lesson today and it looks like so much fun !!  check out what it is all about for yourself  http://shelaghfolgate.blogspot.com/    There are artists from all around the globe signed up so should be very interesting and a lot of fun !!  Can't wait to get started just have to gather my supplies and maybe finish off a couple of ufo's and i am already to go !!

Talking of finishing it was my last embroidery guild class today till january and i really had a great time with my classes mixed media stitch with Donna Funnell   http://fibrejournal.blogspot.com/  we did a lot of fun projects stitching on painted peltex, lutrador, and assorted papers and on fabric. I have them all started but not one finished (smile )  i am hoping to get them finished over the next month, a couple of them or very close to being finished ! Today we had a little play !  making small purse books they were so cute here is mine


  1. Hi Michelle, glad to see you having so much fun!!
    I'm having a little Captions Comp over at my Blog thought you might be interested in..?he,he.

  2. Hi Michelle, great to see you back in action on Blogger. I love your dyed pieces. You obviously had great primary colours to get these glorious mixes. I love doing this type of dyeing, so rewarding. Have a great time with your online course, and I must also say how cute the little purse booklet is. Hope the weather is not to nasty. Cheers.


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