Monday, April 4, 2011

Finished my quilt and vase !

Hi everyone been a little while since i blogged !  i had a great time in Florida apart from bad headaches which i have continued to have  but in between i have managed to finish my embroidered quilt and a vase.
My quilt started way back as a mixed media embroidery piece a class taught at my embroidery guild and i was unsure how to finish it.  I did a few sketches and settled on making a template for the patterned overlay and i really do love how it turned out.  I am thinking about calling it nerve ending or brain explosion unless someone else has an idea. i am going to enter this for the 3creativestudio quilt challenge it falls in their colour palette for this month.

My vase was a challenge issued at my embroidery guild it started out as a mop up cloth and i added more paint, stamping and some stencilling with shiva sticks. I then embellished with hand stitching beads and yarn. After it was quilted i chopped it into 5 pieces then rearranged the pieces and stitched it back together and shaped it into a vessel.  would love to hear what you all think !


  1. First off Michelle so nice to see you back and i hop your headaches get better soon.
    I love the quilt and second sounds like you had much fun making the vessel....very creative and wonderful.

  2. Hi Michelle.Ditto above.Hope the headaches are a thing of the past soon.So debilitating. Ghastly!!
    LOVE your quilt and vase!!Quilt is my fav as it's green!!!LOVE greens, although I have begun to work in blues which I rarely do.
    Kind regards

  3. Hi Michelle, I love the quilt - it reminds me of frogs in a pond (I know it sounds silly but that is what sprang to mind).

    The vase is lovely too.

    Hope the head clears soon.

    cheers, Dian

  4. I think that fabric sculpture would be a better catagory for your vase and I think you should explore even more ideas on this. Great design. Love your little quilt. Looks like a puzzle. Good ideas here.

  5. Love your quilt.. looks great - like Dian says - frogs (spring peepers) in a pond. I love love love your vase. Looks fantastic.

  6. ¡¡HERMOSO!! el jarrón una escultura en tela. Algo inusual un verdadero arte. Tu edredón muy lindo parece una ventana al campo, me encanto.

  7. Lovely to have you blogging again Michelle, I missed you. I hope the headaches you've been having are gone, I know how difficult they can be. I love your vessel, and remember doing a similar exercise late last year, it was fun. The green quilt is gorgeous, and perhaps the name 'MIGRAINE' might be fitting as you seem to be thinking brain explosion...........LOL.... I love it, and am sorry I have missed some of your posts, Blogger has a bad attitude at the moment, and I miss seeing them on my sidebar at times!! Take care.

  8. Very creative pieces, Michelle. I love the fabric vase. Sorry to hear about your headaches. I am a headache sufferer, so I know what you were going through.

  9. This is my first time to your blog. I love the colors that you work with. Sorry about your headaches. I know how it is to have them. are very creative. you have inspired me. I am a new follower. have a great Sunday.

  10. Love the quilt and the vase. Hope the headaches go away soon, they make life very uncomfortable.

  11. Michelle your quilt and vase is so wonderful, love the embroidery in the center of the quilt and all these different elements you used in it, have a nice day.


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