Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My wylde woman

Hi everyone, just a quick post before i head off to Florida !  yes i'm off to the sunshine state for some sun rays can't wait driving down with my family this friday.
 But i had to share with you a fun day i shared with friends
 last week at my house. We had a play day and we made wylde women pins i should have taken pictures of  all of them but in the excitement we forgot. I will get pics though to share with you.   We all used our embellisher machines to make the fabric backgrounds and we made paper clay faces that we painted.  I used wire and beads for arms and legs. It was such a laugh !!! here is mine... complete with handbag ! and check out her wonderful heels... i used a sizzix die for them and cut them from stiff card stock covered on both sides with silver plumbers tape. if only getting new shoes was that easy for us lol !!!  see you when i get back !!

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  1. How very inventive and clever. Have a great time. Hope it is warmer there than it is in the middle west.


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