Friday, February 3, 2012

crazy quilting and classes

Hi everyone, back from my trip and missing the sunshine,  i did get my first crazy patch made up from my embroidery guild class and i have just started stitching.  Our next class is learning some silk ribbon flowers looking forward to that !  I want to do all creams and gold and i will be adding more lace etc as i get going.

I have also just signed up for three quilt university classes i got my first lesson today on my first class which is Dyeing with tea and spices with Marjie  McWilliams looks like a lot of fun it's a three week class, so i will post some of my work once i get started making my samples.

The second class which starts on feb 17th is Artist Toolbox with Lyric Kinard a four week class excited for this one ! and the third one is Darned quilts with Dena Crain which is also a four week class and starts on feb 24th so i guess i will be busy for the next few weeks with all these projects on the go.

my crazy patch


  1. Wow, you have really taken on some big projects. I am now trying to work my way through a crazy quilting book, learning variations of each stitch. At the end, I will bind all my lessons into a fabric book for reference.

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog, Michelle. Like you, I am always experimenting.

  3. I love the cream crazy background Michelle, and can't wait to see how it will look after it's been stitched. You are going to be a busy little beaver aren't you. Thanks so much for your lovely comment on my blog. I wish you well with all your 'study'. Cheers.


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