Sunday, February 26, 2012

Tea and spice dye art quilt final lesson finished !

Hey i finished my final lesson for my tea and spice dyeing class which was to make something using some of our dyed fabrics.  I did not bother dying larger pieces i used all my samples that were left and made this small art quilt.  i pieced the back ground then made a flower from the pinks and purples and yellow and thread painted to add highlights.


  1. What a great finish to your class!

  2. Very, very nice Michelle. You've had a wonderful time with this lesson, and thank you for bringing to our attention. I love your little art quilt, the flower is gorgeous.

    1. Hi Linda, i did have a wonderful time and i am pleased with my flower came out much better than i thought it would !

  3. Just perfect. Such a lovely small quilt. It doesn't have to be big to be wonderful.

  4. so interesting to see what you do!
    this one is very beautiful! and I like you crazy+quilt too!
    hugs from Russia,


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