Saturday, March 3, 2012

Quilt university Artist toolbox lesson 1 and 2

I am really enjoying my online classes at Quilt university.  I am currently working on lesson 2 of the Artist toolbox with Lyric Kinard it really is making me look at shapes colour lines and texture in a new way.  Of course i am behind as i just received lesson 3 i mean whats new there with me lol !!
Lesson 1 was all about shape line and texture and Lesson 2 is working on colour and value, something i need to learn more of.  I highly recommend these classes they are very informative with a vast of information.  I am also currently taking the Darned quilts with Dena Crain which i am behind as the weather is not allowing me to go shopping for some of my fabric i need.  I have been practising sewing my curves though !!
If that wasn't enough i finally signed up for letter 101 with Joanne Sharpe it is a fantastic self paced class and i have been inspired by many bloggers creations taking this class.  I have already done 3 lessons but will post about that later.  Here are a few of my pics showing a little about what i have been doing in class !!
cloth texture

visual texture

texture and shape

continuos line
texture on my rug

lines made from icicles dropping into snow

sketch of trees line

value lesson


  1. Amazing Michelle....loving the visual then the texture....interested also about 101 with Joanne Sharpe.....thanks for always visiting my blog x

  2. Lucky me, Lilly Kerns from Quilt Odyssey is one of my mentors at our quilt guild. She is co-leader for our Quilt Odyssey group. I have done this study too. Have a notebook full of projects.

  3. I absolutely love all your drawings Michelle. They are so inspiring. I am so pleased you are having such a wonderful time with this, and thank you for including us. Happy stitching.

  4. Oh WOW Michelle...this looks like a fantastic course!


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