Tuesday, March 23, 2010

felted landscape ! Bliss !

Good morning everyone ! it is such a miserable day today i hope your weather is better than ours ! i am posting this landscape i have been working on and not really sure if it is finished or not yet. i would love to be sat in this cosy cottage amongst the rolling hills and water surrounded by natures beauty now wouldn't that be just bliss !! would love to hear your thoughts comments on my piece have a great day !!


  1. Soooo beautiful Michelle! wouldn't that just be idyllic!? The weather is gorgeous here, finding it tough to craft. Love your gorgeous creations! xxD

  2. This is a really textured landscape, well done Michelle. Would love to hold this one!
    best wishes,
    jane c

  3. Really great piece, Michelle. Hope you got my email.


  4. It's beautiful Michelle! I love the colours and I would love to be there as well - relaxing with my feet up!

  5. Michelle,
    This is beautiful!! I can see that in a sitting/sun room.

    Please stop by my blog to collect your beautiful blogger award. You deserve it!
    There is a condition though, you must share 10 things about yourself & then share the award with 10 of your bloggy friends. Come to my blog & get your award.

    All my best,


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