Sunday, March 21, 2010

My first zentangle

well after spending the morning cleaning and doing laundry i sat down and browsed through some blogs which led me to lots of zentangles, i have always been fascinated by these and so i made myself a coffee and decided to have some time out creating a zentangle. Oh it was so therapeutic i loved it!  so i made a second one inside a leaf shape. i took a quick lesson from this blog oh you should try one great fun !!


  1. Oh this is so cool Michelle! I saw this at CHA and was intrigued. Yours is beautiful! xxD

  2. Very wonderful and different Michelle, thanks for your comment on my blog....i met Gilda at the show in London i went to and showed her a picture of my work and she was so humble which made me feel happy, i could look at her work for ages xx

  3. Wow! This is really neat! Teach me???? :-)

  4. Michelle

    Email me at



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