Saturday, April 10, 2010

scrumptious surfaces !!

Hi everybody ! hope you all had a wonderful week, a few things to share today !! i have been taking a couple of local classes for my embellisher and we started a little art group to learn new techniques once a month. A friend of mine Judy Eckhardt has taken lots of classes and is well known in the quilting world, here in my county and is passing on her creativity with her own classes. I have tons of samples but today i wanted to share a couple i made in the last class plus two samples i made at home playing and i also want to share some samples of paper fused to quilt batting and inked/painted to look like leather that we created in our art group. i also played a little with my paints and alcohol inks perfect pearls etc.

first two made in the embellisher class felt silks, ribbons, sari ribbon, scarves embroidery

these two i made at home rovings silks, velvet, sheers, yarns

paper leather samples highlighted with treasure gold and the sunset looking one bottom left corner has painted wonder under and mysty fuse on top the two on the right or created using tissuetex and the top left was created using brown paper so cool !!

playing with my paints and ink etc on tissue, cheesecloth, scrim, paper towel and wonder under


  1. Michelle, I can not stop looking at these amazing felted pieces, especially I like the way you made the first of them, and all these wonderful papers and cheesecloth, interesting what you will do with it.

  2. Wow Michelle! Looks like a fabulous class! What gorgeous designs and fun fibers! Love what you're doing! xxD

  3. Gorgeous textil work Michelle. In reading your blog I just realised that you are a Brit living in Canada and I'm a Canadian in Britain. Cool!

  4. Beautiful work. I know Judy and she is a lovely lady to learn from.

  5. HI These are very scrumptious indeed....lovely work
    where in Ontario to live..I live in Fergus, near the Guelph area.


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