Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy easter look what i got this week !!

Hi everyone ! first off hope your all having a fab weekend !! I also hope you all have a very blessed easter i cant wait to get my hands on my easter egg but have to wait till sunday !!

 I have really treated myself to some goodies this past week or so i just love shopping but funds don't always allow me to shop as much as i would like.  Well actually I sold some old stuff on kijiji so with the money i upgraded my embellisher machine to a babylock 12 needle plus i bought the acrylic extention table which i love !! I used one last week at a friends house and i was sold !! Its brilliant when you have lots of fibres and fabrics layered up to embellish nothing drops off  anymore.

I also bought transfer paints, golden acrylics, lumiere paints,  shiva paintsticks,  rub n buffs fabric markers, golden gel, gesso, gum arabic, a new journal  gosh what else oh yes lots of fibres meriono silks, books magazines and oh yes i bought a circle maker for my sewing machine. I bought a few other trinkets beads etc boy it was fun lol !! here is a few pics of some of my goodies !! so now i need to have a good play !!


  1. Looks like you are going to have a creative time.

  2. You got some goodies there!!! Have fun!!

    Happy Easter to you and your family.


  3. Wow! Looks like someone went on a real shopping spree! Have fun!
    Happy Easter!

  4. Wow Michelle! I wouldn't have any idea what to do with most of that stuff but I can't wait to see what you do! Happy Easter! xxD

  5. Wow Michelle this means we are gonna see some more wonderful work from you.....your goodies look great.

  6. Its a very nice machine.I have too.
    Thanks to visiting and joining me at my blog!
    I live in Brampton. Where are you live?


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