Monday, July 5, 2010

More wonderful mail !

Happy monday ! i just got back from a great weekend in the states shopping and dining with friends ! I feel like i gained 10 pounds after eating way to many lindor chocolates.... and i just had to sneak into the NewYork cheesecake factory for a slice of their delicious cheesecake boy it was good !!
Enough about the food goodies though look what came in my mail just before i left these two awesome postcards which were from the swaps from Robbi and Linda. The top felted one is from Robbi and the beautifully hand stitched one is from Linda.  How lucky am i ?


  1. You are lucky, indeed. Wonderful cards, but lay off the chocolate and cheesecake. It will haunt you in old age. Ha! Yes, it will still be there.

  2. Michelle, I can fully understand the chocolate 'binge'.............hard to resist is it not!!!

    Thanks for sharing those lovely postcards. I find it exciting seeing the goodies each of us receives.

  3. Michelle, these cards are gorgeous. Have you got your parcel yet?

  4. Hi Michelle, I'm back!! If you e-mail me at
    I can reply with my address. Many thanks

  5. Michelle such lovely atc's.....and glad you had such a wonderful time in the states x


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