Thursday, July 29, 2010

my silk fusion workshop and visitors for 3 weeks!

This week is so busy for me, monday and tuesday i took a silk fusion 2 day workshop with Maggie Vanderweit, what a lovely lady ! the class was so much fun ! you can see some of maggies work on her website
 Today i have spent the day cleaning the house getting it ready for my visitors which arrive from England on friday !  I am excited to see my relatives it;s hard beeing so far away from them. I have my parents, my sister and hubby and my niece and nephew coming for 3 weeks ! My house will be full and noisy but we do have fun !  We are taking a road trip to chicago whilst they are here so i am looking forward to that !

I guess i may be not around so much for the next three weeks as i will be busy entertaining ! hopeing this sunshine stays so we can swim in the pool and chill.  so if you don't see me blogging or on any of the forums this is why !  here are my samples i made hoping to embroider on a few of them ! click on the pics for a closer view !!


  1. Michelle, I'm very excited for you working with the silk. What an exciting time you are having with your fibre explorations. Wonderful!!

  2. Your so lucky Michelle to be able to do such great workshops....they look great....wish we had them wonderful to have your family stay with you for 3 weeks....have fun and enjoy x

  3. Silk Fusion......Hmmmmmmmmm. I will have to find out what that is all about. Amazing pieces.

  4. Gorgeous silk samples. That must have been great fun.

    Have a lovely time with your family. Soak up every moment.

  5. Michelle, what a great time you had doing the silk fusion. I am so pleased to see what you have done too.

    Have a wonderful time with your family, and the trip to Chicago [don't come back empty handed now.....LOL].

  6. Wonder. I can see so many things ready for you to pop out, when you embroider. There is a wonderful looking bird in one of them. Fantastic.


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