Thursday, July 29, 2010

my silk fusion workshop and visitors for 3 weeks!

This week is so busy for me, monday and tuesday i took a silk fusion 2 day workshop with Maggie Vanderweit, what a lovely lady ! the class was so much fun ! you can see some of maggies work on her website
 Today i have spent the day cleaning the house getting it ready for my visitors which arrive from England on friday !  I am excited to see my relatives it;s hard beeing so far away from them. I have my parents, my sister and hubby and my niece and nephew coming for 3 weeks ! My house will be full and noisy but we do have fun !  We are taking a road trip to chicago whilst they are here so i am looking forward to that !

I guess i may be not around so much for the next three weeks as i will be busy entertaining ! hopeing this sunshine stays so we can swim in the pool and chill.  so if you don't see me blogging or on any of the forums this is why !  here are my samples i made hoping to embroider on a few of them ! click on the pics for a closer view !!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

So much to share !

Well i had a great week last week ! i was taking an art quiltlet course with Heather Stewart and it was fabulous ! Heather is not only a wonderful teacher she also is super funny with a wonderful sense of humour ! i hope to take more classes with Heather in the very near future ! These are my quiltlets i made for each lesson she gave us,  i still have to finish the purple one.  The purple one is made from all the scraps and thread from everyone in the class we all through in our scraps onto water soluble then it was machine quilted and dissolved and once dry it was cut into small pieces, one for each person as a mememto of the class.

My next thing to share is this wonderful gift i received from Judy at honestly if you havn't visited Judy's blog then go check out her wonderful creations !!

I have also managed to make a book cover from the painted lace i made earlier in the year and at the same time i made a postcard to send to Judy which has some of the same techniques and i also made another felted postcard .


And last but not least i bought a new machine to take to classes well i actually bought a small janome but had some issues with it and so i exchanged it for this little brother 900d which also does embroidery it is so cute, i think i will have fun with the embroidery when i figure it out ! well thats it a lot to share but now i feel all caught up lol ! Ok have to finish my postcard and ATC today and get them in the mail !

Thursday, July 8, 2010

I am so stupid !

Yes thats right stupid ! you will never guess what i did, i burnt my right hand on the stove. I just finished dishing out supper and saw some crumbs on the ceramic and silly me thought i would brush them over onto the counter top with my hand, i mean who in their right minds does that ! so this happened last night and i spent 7 hours soaking my fingers in a bowl of iced water. each end pad of my fingers just came up in a blister and the pain oh my goodness the pain it was excrutiating it made me feel quite ill !

So now this morning i have woke up with a flippin cold and a sore throat i think i shocked my body into it lol !!  and a very tender hand.  I hope it is ok for monday i start a week long course making art quiltlets. well now i have had another day of feeling sorry for myself i will go make myself a coffee and read my new book stitching the textured surface !! x

Monday, July 5, 2010

More wonderful mail !

Happy monday ! i just got back from a great weekend in the states shopping and dining with friends ! I feel like i gained 10 pounds after eating way to many lindor chocolates.... and i just had to sneak into the NewYork cheesecake factory for a slice of their delicious cheesecake boy it was good !!
Enough about the food goodies though look what came in my mail just before i left these two awesome postcards which were from the swaps from Robbi and Linda. The top felted one is from Robbi and the beautifully hand stitched one is from Linda.  How lucky am i ?

Thursday, July 1, 2010

happy canada day ! and some of my postcards !

The sun is shining and i am chilling ! it was my 20th wedding anniversary yesterday i can't believe i have been with my hubby for 28 and half years i know we had a long engagement lol ! Anyhow today is Canada day and we are going to friends for a BBQ and fireworks so it should be fun ! I thought i would share some of my postcards now i know they have been received.
The first one was a needle felted card swap on stitchin fingers site and i was paired with a lady from Australia called Robbie and this is what i sent her

The next one was for Linda in the US who i previously did an atc swap with, i decided to make Linda a needle felted card too!

I do have some more but i will post them later !! thanks for looking !!
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