Sunday, February 6, 2011

Gelatin printing and a gift from Judy !

Is it just me but don't you think the weeks seem to just fly by ! I have all these great intensions of what i am about to achieve creative wise in the week and when it boils down to it i have done hardly anything !! I did however have a really fun morning at Sandra spagnullio's studio learning gelatin printing and it was even more fun creating with a great bunch of ladies so much wonderful energy in the room.
I was pleased with my little creations (now what to do with them ).
 I also wanted to share some goodies that i won from my blogging friend Judy ! such a creative and inspirational lady. I have had these little goodies in my hands for a couple of weeks now and i forgot to post them you can find Judy here
Oh yes and not to forget my friend Jenny she is celebrating her 50th birthday this month and has a lovely give away on her blog
well enjoy my pics !! thanks for stopping by and i love reading your comments !

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  1. Gelatin printing is a lot of fun. Wonderful little goodies from Judy - she does such amazing stuff!


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