Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Look at my fabulous prize ! & hand made paper !

It is a beautiful morning the sun is shining although it is still very cold !  So my new mac won't take my camera card so spent the morning looking for my usb lead ! so i could up load my pics !  Well i received my wonderful prize package from Three creative studios and i have to show you my wonderful goodies. The journal is gorgeous and the fabrics from Vikki are so yummy ! I love the paper quilt book and the buttons and yarns and texture magic boy i am really going to have fun with this lot !! Thankyou three creative studios you really made my day !!

I also wanted to share my hand made paper i made at Sandra's studio what a lot of fun that day was and i will definately be making more.  loved making the paper lace should have made more though , but  hey whats to stop me right ! well don't drool to much at my prize !!


  1. What bounty, congrats to you!
    How did you make that fabulous criss cross paper, was it laid on chicken wire grid maybe?

  2. Wow!Lucky you!!What treasures!
    Love making paper.Yours is great!

  3. Hello Michelle, congratulations on the 3CS package. They are great, I have won one too, and so loved all the goodies. Love the paper and the paper lace, how cool. You sound so chipper, perhaps there's a hint of Spring in the air.


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