Monday, February 28, 2011

playing with paint !

As some of you know from my previous posts i have been going to Sandra Spagnuolio's studio to play,  she is a mixed media artist and has wonderful energy. I am learning so much regarding colour and texture and best of all i'm having fun.  I wanted to share a mixed media canvas i painted i used painted paper kitchen towel for some of the flowers and  raffia for some of the stems i added a crackle glaze to the finished surface.
  My next set of paintings was from a class where we had to not think about what we wanted as an end result and to use a limited amount of colours and use them in each square it was hard not to think out a process but i do like the outcome and i think i will add some stitches and i may put them into a quilt or frame them.  What do you all think ??

my canvas

my paintings


  1. Hi Michelle, you have been having fun haven't you. Love everything, keep 'em coming. I'm in a creative abyss at the moment, and love seeing what others are working on.

  2. Fabulous results! Like that larger one very much, could imagine that as a tryptych but cut skew whiff rather than just rectangular?
    Though its scary isnt it, cutting anything up when youve laboured over its birth!

  3. I am really jealous of your paintings. Fantastic. I see you put a crown on your head on your journal page. Queen for a day?


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